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Thousands of Maryland Voters Assigned to Wrong Polling Places

Posted by S. Noon on 4/6/2018 to News
Thousands of Maryland voters are being directed to the wrong polling places and voting for the wrong candidates because of inaccurate voter rolls. Forget Putin! To read the email conversation below chronologically, read from the bottom email to the top:

Shawn Harmon [email protected]

Mar 12
to DonnaMaryShellyy
Thank you Donna ~ Obviously eMerges is not the Salvation Army---we do work for a profit. 

You suggest eMerges "share" its valuable and proprietary information with the state. What? We have identified more errors in the statewide registered voter system that disenfranchise additional voters and hence we are not "sharing" as we would be bankrupt if we gave our expertise away to you for free and y'all are not indigents.

With all due respect and I mean this with all sincerity, this is someones job at the State and/or County Board of Elections. It is someones job there to identify and correct these errors. The state has today acknowledged that the errors eMerges identified really did exist. Now the state has been presented an offer to identify and fix additional errors as reported in the earlier email.  The state could solve this problem itself I suppose or pay a firm other than eMerges to do so but regardless, the State Board of Election now has a fiduciary responsibility to fix the problem---it is your all's job.

Who would facilitate this so we follow 100% of the state procurement rules and regulations? To whom do we present this to there AND do so within the rules and regulations of the state? Surely there must be a process for unsolicited bids?

Time is of the essence. Can you imagine what will happen if the state Election Board and/or Counties do nothing to identify and correct these errors?  Voters are not going to understand why they were knowingly disenfranchised by the State, right? Let me know. Maybe you want to meet? Thank you.


Shawn Harmon

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On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:59 PM, Donna Duncan -SBE- <[email protected]> wrote:
Shawn:  Wanted to let you know that after review of the information, the Prince George's County board of elections has changed the district assignments for the voters on Accokeek Landing Drive.   The data for the Voter Look-up website is refreshed overnight.  Please review the information tomorrow.

We are obligated to adhere to State Procurement rules and regulation regarding entering into a contract with any company, and therefore I hesitate to have further discussion regarding that aspect.   However, you are welcome to share information with us on issues you believe to be inconsistent.  We will in turn share with our local boards of elections.      For your information, Prince George's County is currently undergoing a review of data with their GIS division.   

Thank you for your information.

Donna J. Duncan
Assistant Deputy for Election Policy
Maryland State Board of Elections



On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 2:20 PM, Shawn Harmon <[email protected]> wrote:
Thank you Donna what about the other questions?

This Maryland voter file failure involves two more Maryland counties in addition to PG and in all probability it involves the whole state. In fact we did not even share all of the omissions that we found within PG with you all.  

This mistake of the elections boards involves disenfranchising more Maryland voters than Kansas's Kooky Kris Kobach could even imagine, did I overlook your answers to these questions from the email I just sent?

“.....Disturbingly the adjoining districts to 26 and 27A have the same errors. Also District 30 in Anne Arundel and District 9 in Howard are disenfranchising voters as well. This is almost exactly the same error that compromised Virginia elections this past fall.  It is not unlike what happened with Takoma Park voters too. We have not examined other districts here yet but fully expect this data failure to repeat throughout the state.

What is being done to check for this specific voter data error?  It is time consuming and technologically difficult to find these mistakes. eMerges would be pleased to contract with the state and/or counties to validate the voter rolls and report all of the mistaken voter districts for X per county. 

Alternately who will you have identify and fix this voter data failure if eMerges does not? 

Please reply prior to Friday March 16 noon. Thank you....”


Shawn Harmon

On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 1:43 PM Donna Duncan -SBE- <[email protected]> wrote:
Shawn:  Your email was forwarded to me for response to your general questions:   

Maryland has a statewide voter registration system.
The data for each county is maintained by the employees of the local board of elections.  That includes maintaining the street file directory for their county.  
Generally, the local board of elections mails information to the voters from data pulled directly from the statewide voter registration system..

Your information regarding Accokeek Landing Drive will be reviewed by the Prince George's County local board of elections. 

Donna J. Duncan
Assistant Deputy for Election Policy
Maryland State Board of Elections