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Success Stories

eMerges Provided me an Unusual Voter File Demographic

"While a Visiting Fellow at Washington University in St. Louis, I asked eMerges for voter files of an unusual demographic. Nonetheless, I received exactly what I needed from eMerges. The follow-up service of eMerges was great. They answered every question of mine sincerely, correctly, and promptly."

—Kentaro FUKUMOTO, Ph. D.
Department of Political Science, Gakushuin University

eMerges Entire Fifty State US Registered Voter File for Kellogg Research

"eMerges provided us with the entire 185 million record US Voter file which was high quality data at a very competitive price. Their customer support has been nothing short of outstanding. In the past, I obtained voter registration lists from a number of other vendors. No longer. eMerges is a class above the rest!." Click to see how the data was used.

—Jörg Spenkuch Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences
Kellogg School of Management

Online Voter File for Jeff Tippet
"eMerges provided us quick response, expert advice and a voter file that surpassed our requirements. We plan to use them for more campaigns."

—Jeff Tippet

Registered Voter Data for White House Utility District

"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround on our voter data request. It is very rare these days to actually have someone deliver what they say they can deliver and exceed expectations.

—Bill Thompson
White House Utility District

Voter Information for Mike Dugan
"eMerges has been great to work with - professional, prompt and accommodating to our needs. Prices are most reasonable and the quality of voter information very good. I will use them as long as I continue to need this type of information!"

—John Denney
Re-elect Mike Dugan to Georgia Senate 30

Voter File for UK Gerontology" registered voters lists have helped us continue to fulfill our mission of improving the aging process through scientific research."
University of Kentucky Gerontology

Voter Lists Online for Muslim Public Affairs Council

"As first-time customers, we are very satisfied with the quality and speed with which eMerges was able to meet our registered voter file needs. The voter list service that eMerges provided our organization enabled us to launch a successful get-out-the-vote campaign in the election."
Muslim Public Affairs Council

Lists of Registered Voters for Candidate Mike Bohacek

"The eMerges voter list was a big help, it hit the target market after we sorted it down. We checked it with some random sampling and it worked. My direct mail postage was less than other candidates".
-Mike Bohacek
LaPorte County Commissioners

Voter List Service for Colorado School of Mines"The registered voter list service provided by eMerges was excellent. They met my immediate deadlines and they were very professional and understood my voters lists needs. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again."
—Molly Williams
Colorado School of Mines

Hunter and Fishermen Mailing Lists"As the voice for hunters and fishermen in the Nation’s Capitol, as well as state capitols, the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation must have reliable and timely hunter and fishermen license mailing lists to allow us to serve these constituencies. eMerges has always been an exceptional partner in this regard and we view them as a member of our outdoor and conservation community."
Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

eMerges Provided me an Unusual Voter File Demographic

"We were embarking on a very ambitious project focused on primary data collection in northern Brooklyn and we needed a set of baseline data to complete the initial project. The team at eMerges was extremely helpful in getting us the Quantum Registered Voter data we needed, promptly with a very quick turnaround. They asked thorough discovery questions to make sure the assignment was delivered with minimal back-and-forth. Overall we had an exceptional experience with this vendor."

Chiwoniso Kaitano, Managing Director,
Coalition for the Improvement of Bed Stuy