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Standard Voter Lists

The eMerges Standard Voter List list captures and preserves nearly an exact snapshot of the voter file as it is supplied to eMerges by each respective board of elections. You may download the eMerges voter list in .csv delimited format or whatever format you may need.

The eMerges Standard Voter List has the basic voter information. Unlike our Quantum Registered Voter List,  there are **NO** demographic enhancements such as phone numbers, home ownership, religion, etc. on the Standard file. Instead, the eMerges Standard voter list is defined as the raw snapshot of the basic source data which is captured and preserved in eMerges standard easy to access file layout.With few exceptions, your eMerges Standard Voter list will have voter ID, name, address, registration date, age, active status, political party, state senate, state house and congressional districts; precincts, source county, last date voted and some voting history.

To receive a  sample or for additional assistance, contact us at: 410-205-5478 or email: [email protected].