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Standard Unenhanced Voter List

Why should you have to pay for data points on a voter list that you won't use, do not want, or do not need? It might be more helpful to customize your registered voter list to just your most basic needs, such as, mailing postcards, etc.

To view pricing and to order our Standard Unenhanced Voter List right now, click: Buy and Download Standard Unenhanced Voter List 

You may prefer to acquire just the basic registered voter data. Our Standard Unenhanced Registered Voters List  is much more affordable for mailing, most analysis, and academic purposes. Why reinvent the wheel, mustering the resources, going to each of the 300+ respective county and state boards of election, to acquire all of the registered voters yourself? Do you really want to deal with the tedious technical issues of standardizing and joining the different file formats for each voter file? Are you prepared for updating? 

Data Points Populated on Our Standard Unenhanced Registered Voters Lists 

  • Complete Voter Name
  • Residence Address
  • Congressional, State Senate, and State House Districts 
  • Enquire about our Voting History optional append to what the board of election presently supplies.
  • Precincts or Wards
  • Voter ID
Most Standard Voter Lists Also Present 

  • Date of Birth or Age
  • Political Party Affiliation, on all but 10 states
  • Registration Date
  • Sometimes phone, gender, race, and ethnicity
To view pricing and order our Standard Unenhanced Voter List right now click: Buy and Download Standard Unenhanced Voter List .

The Standard Unenhanced Registered Voters List cost less than our Quantum Enhanced List. The Standard Unenhanced Registered Voters List for every state, congressional district, state senate, state house, and county is available for immediate download. 

The Standard Unenhanced voter list captures and preserves nearly an exact snapshot of the voter file as it is supplied to eMerges by each respective county or state board of elections; we do add some hard-to-acquire voter history, though. This Standard Voter List contains exactly the same voter data points as are provided by the boards of election, but unlike our Quantum Registered Voter List, no demographic enhancements such as phone numbers have been appended to the Standard Voter List. You may download the voter list in .csv delimited format or whatever type you need.

To view pricing and order our Standard Unenhanced Voter List right now click: Buy and Download Standard Unenhanced Voter List 

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