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NO RETURNS AND NO REFUNDS POLICY. eMerges makes all reasonable attempts to ensure that the eMerges Data shall be as current, accurate, and complete as may be achieved by using the source data and compilation methods normally employed by eMerges in the ordinary course of its business; provided, however, in no event is the Voter Data File warranted as being error free. EXCEPT AS SET FORTH IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, NEITHER PARTY MAKES ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY TO THE OTHER INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATING, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. In the event of any breach of the foregoing warranty, buyer’s remedy and eMerges’s liability shall be limited to eMerges re-performing its obligation hereunder without additional charge to buyer.

We accept all credit cards on this SSL Secure Web Site. There is No Maryland Sales tax for any digitized data delivered using the internet such as by Google Drive, email or DropBox. We gurantee all data data acquistion dates and we gurantee that we will provide your customized data points.  For assistance or troubleshooting or for any help that we may offer and at any time, please contact Shelly Noon at 410-268-1960 or [email protected] or by US Mail -, 212 Prince George Street, Ste B, Annapolis, MD  21401.

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