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Ordering Quantum Registered Voter Lists

Quan·tum 'kwän(t)em/ noun - a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency it represents.


eMerges has been directly compiling registered voter lists since February 2000. Our premium quality Quantum Registered Voter Lists are sent out to be super-energized with over 200 demographic appends. Harness the magnitude of our Quantum enhanced voter demographics to ensure that your campaigns philosophy reaches the relevant target audience. 

Why is eMerges historical information so critical to your effort?  One example: did you know that Michigan's elections are administered on the local level? Who cares right? But wait, most states administer elections on the county level.  That means that 1,517 cities and townships administer their own elections in Michigan. Under Michigan law, a move from one jurisdiction to another is considered a “new” registration and therefore the voters original registration date is erased and overwritten. The original date the voter registered is replaced with a new date! This is bad. What if a Michigan campaign manager wanted to distinguish between new voters from proven voters?   If you acquire a new voter file from a state like Michigan and if you need accurate registration dates you are as they say, screwed. 

To ensure a true registration date is present on various state files, you can rest assured knowing that eMerges has captured and preserved the original registration date since it began compiling the voter data at its inception. But it is not just Michigan data that is sketchy though. Multiply the unique registration date nuance in Michigan by every state and county in the US and you can begin to imagine the hundreds of critical anomalies that eMerges has uncovered in voter records across the US. 

Why take a chance with a political hack or some disinterested venture capital funded-silicon valley-Johnny come lately? Rely on eMerges to manage the quirks and deliver its accurate and fresh Quantum voter data to you every single time. 

In 15 minutes, we will provide you:

  • Voter Lists ready to import into any database including MS Excel®
  • Voter Lists ready from which your volunteers may immediately make phone calls
  • Voter Lists in virtual postal route order so you or your volunteers can efficiently hit targeted houses with a GPS efficient walk through your district

Contact us and we will help tailor a customized Quantum voter file to your exact specifications. You may enhance your campaign’s voter list by adding these and 200+ more valuable Quantum enhancements:

eMerges maintains fresh voter lists from every state and we update as frequently as daily during critical election periods or in close contests. You can not reinvent the wheel---most of our voter history data is no longer publicly available. Did you realize that some state election boards can no longer tag who voted in for one example, the 2004 presidential primary? This is because some states can only provide you the "past ten elections" or "past ten years" or are similarly constrained with valuable voter election history. No worries. eMerges has already captured and preserved the registration dates, historical voter participation dates and other quirky but valuable data points for you. 

We will email or DropBox your customized registered voter list in 15 minutes. We usually provide the voter list in .csv delimited or fixed field format but we can format for any system.

Maybe you really do not need our Quantum Registered Voter List? Why should you have to pay for data points on a voter list that you won't use, do not want or do not need? Would it be more helpful to customize your registered voter list to just your most basic needs? To view pricing or order our Standard Unenhanced Voter List right now click: Buying and Downloading Standard Unenhanced Voter List 

Non-Restricted or Permitted Use Only

For Political Use Only - click to view state voter file usage affidavits.

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We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and BitCoin. Just tell us what you want and your Quantum Enhanced Voter List should be on your desktop within 15 minutes or so of payment.

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