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Ordering Quantum Registered Voter Lists

Quan·tum 'kwän(t)em/ noun - a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency it represents.


eMerges has been directly compiling registered voter lists since February 2000. Our premium quality Quantum Registered Voter Lists are super charged with over 200 demographic appends. The magnitude of our Quantum enhanced voter demographics ensures that your campaign reaches precisely your targeted audience. 

Why might our historical information be so effective? Let's look at one state as a case study. Did you know that Michigan's elections are administered on the local level? Most states administer elections on the county level.  For Michigan that means 1,517 cities and townships administer their own elections, filing each its own data, all differently formatted, and subsequently unorganized when all brought together. And, under Michigan law, a move from one jurisdiction to another is considered a “new” registration; therefore, the voter's original registration date is erased and overwritten.  If you were to acquire a new voter file from a state like Michigan, and need accurate registration dates, you'd be out of luck.   eMerges has captured and preserved the original registration date since it began compiling the voter data in 2000 while uncovering hundreds of critical anomalies in the voter records. We ensure that a true and error free snapshot of the registered voter data is preserved for your use.

The work we do to organize the data in the Michigan example compiles what we call our Standard Voter Lists; we clean up the raw data and make it uniform and accessible. The Quantum Voter List is our Standard Voter List PLUS, ie, we append our Standard Voter List with these enhancements (and dozens more):

eMerges maintains updated voter lists from every state, and we update as frequently as daily during critical election periods or within close contests. As mentioned most of our voter history data is no longer publicly available to you from the state boards of election. Even exact date of births are now redacted in over ten states. eMerges, however, has already captured and preserved the registration dates, historical voter participation dates, and other valuable data points for you. With our Quantum file, we have increased the Standard Voter Files magnitude of value. 

We will email or DropBox your customized registered voter list in 15 minutes. We usually provide the voter list in .csv delimited or fixed field format, but we can format for any system.

Maybe you don't need our Quantum Registered Voter List. Why should you have to pay for data points on a voter list that you won't use, do not want, or need? Would it be more helpful to customize your registered voter list to just your most basic needs? To view pricing or order our Standard Unenhanced Voter List right now click: Buying and Downloading Standard Unenhanced Voter List 

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We accept all major credit cards. Just tell us what you want and your Quantum Enhanced Voter List should be on your desktop within 15 minutes or so of payment.

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