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If you are seeking full, part time or Internship paid employment, carefully follow the directions in this job description.  Paid internship applicants may cite school or similar experience in lieu of more stricter job requirements required for the full and part time applicants:

Database Software Generalist with Entrepreneurial Drive for a 17 year old Annapolis based niche data provider to the political and identity authentication space. eMerges is ready to grow from a successful so-called lifestyle business to early stage. You should be an autonomous worker who seeks great success.

Beneficial to have any of this software experience:

  • Any ETL such as Clover, Pervasive...
  • PostGresSQL
  • Any GIS Spatial Coding such as ESRI
  • Any Web GUI Work for online applications

This is extremely interesting demographic data. There are lots of nuance and quirks to keep everyone on their toes. It is a particular wild space these past few weeks; ie Cambridge Analytica, FaceBook, etc.

You'll contribute to every facet of corporate success and be rewarded accordingly. Most importantly the opportunity to learn and grow is unlimited.


1) Send resume but beforehand do the following:

2) Either call or email and be prepared to do discuss the following four points:

a) Discuss your research on www.eMerges.com and err on the extremely knowledgeable side. We need to know that you know what you will be involved with and your transition to employee commences by this initial immersion.

b) Describe your perfect compensation and working environment---you are creating your own path so spell it out how you want to see things progress.

c) Describe what you think you can bring to the firm, guess if you have to based on what you glean from the web site.Be expansive.

d) Ask plenty of questions about what the opportunity entails after first speaking in depth about #1-3 above.


Reply to Shawn.Harmon@eMerges.com or be fully prepared to address the criteria above to make your case and contact me at 410-353-6894

Shawn Harmon