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About Us

Who are we?

Incorporated on February 14, 2000, we directly compile, standardize, and publish government records including registered voter list files, watercraft registrations, aircraft registrations, campaign contributor files, hunting and fishing licenses, carry concealed weapon holder permits, and pilot licenses. We supply the government records for permitted or non-restricted uses, which may include but may not be limited to political campaigns, congressional franking, law enforcement, legislative constituent services, identity authentication, and fraud prevention applications.

eMerges Team

Anne Horrigan
Vice President 

Anne Horrigan Voter Lists

Anne is our Financial Officer.

Branislav Repcek
Consulting Data Scientist

Branislav has been working with data for more than 15 years assisting companies large and small on their data journey. Branislav helps eMerges navigate the complexities of processing large volumes of messy government record data while ensuring the data quality eMerges’ customers have come to expect.

Patrick Harmon
Primary Consulting Advisor

Patrick has been a consultant in the Business Intelligence and ETL space for a number of years working with customers in industries as diverse as finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and transportation among others. In 2000 he and his cofounder sold their nineteen employee and Chicago based Business Intelligence consultancy, Johnson & Michaels, to Cognos. These experiences give him an educated insight into data integrity.

Shawn Harmon

Shawn Harmon

Shawn founded the company. He has over 26 years experience managing the quirks and anomalies of government records. He graduated from Indiana University at Bloomington and Indy with BA degrees in political science and economics. View Shawn Harmon's profile on LinkedIn

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Corporate Giving

Since its inception, eMerges has been supporting outstanding organizations: