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Registered Voter Lists To Beat Them.

quan·tum / 'kwän(t)em/ noun - a discrete quantity of political energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency it represents.

eMerges has been selling registered voter lists to permitted users, such as, political campaigns, pollsters, political action committees, universities, and researchers etc. since February of 2000. Voter lists are nuanced and quirky; eMerges cleans them up and makes them right for you. Visit at our Success Stories page to see who we have assisted.

Buy voter lists. You may customize two types of registered voter lists:

BEST VALUE for simple mailing and basic organizing: our unenhanced Standard Registered Voter List are very similar to how the county board of elections provides them and we provide it in an easy to use, standard, uniform format. 

Quantum Enhanced Registered Voter Lists - Quantum voter data is our Standard Registered Voter List but super-charged with over 200 demographic-specific appends, e.g., phones, income, race, etc. This is for precise targeting. The magnitude of our Quantum enhanced voter demographics ensures that your message is relevant to your targeted audience. Whether you need just our basic Standard list or the enhanced Quantum list, eMerges registered voter lists may be tailored to your budget and customized pursuant to these permitted or non-restricted uses. Both our voter files are a hybrid of rare data that is no longer publicly available, commingled with fresh and accurate voter demographic data points so your message has a Quantum impact.

Voter list data for LaPorte County Commissioners Campaign
"The eMerges voter list was a big help ..."

More Customized Voter List Options:

1) Polling Samples - Acquire a carefully selected, statistically random polling sample to take the political pulse of any area in the US. 
2) Membership Matching - Match your membership list to any state voter file or our national voter file, to be sure your political supporters are both registered and participating.

eMerges is non-partisan and has specialized in providing registered voter files since 2000. Campaigns and institutions have come to rely on our professional and exclusive voter list data. Click below to learn more or to order:

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