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You Need Registered Voter Lists To Win.

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Voter Data NY State Unified Court System
"The New York State Unified Court System has been very satisfied with the registered voter list services purchased from eMerges ..."
–Anthony Manisero
New York State Unified Courts
eMerges has been selling registered voter lists to permitted users such as political campaigns, pollsters, political action committees, major universities and state courts since February of 2000. Voter lists are nuanced and quirky. eMerges makes them right for you. Look at our Successs Stories to see who else we have assisted.

You can get two types of registered voter lists:

Standard Registered Voter Lists eMerges unenhanced voter lists are nearly exactly like the county board of elections provides---we add additional voting history and provide it in an easy to use standard format. This voter file is the LITE version of voter files, if that is not what you need, look into our Quantum voter lists: Quantum Enhanced Registered Voter Lists Our premium Quantum voter lists on the other hand, are super-energized with over 200 demographic discrete appends: phones, income, race, etc. Harness the magnitude of our Quantum enhanced voter demographics to ensure that your idea is relevant to your target audience. eMerges registered voter lists may be tailored to any budget and customized for any permitted usage. eMerges voter files are a hybrid of rare data that is no longer publicly available commingled with fresh and accurate voter demographics.  
Voter list data for LaPorte County Commissioners Campaign
"The eMerges voter list was a big help ..." November 2014"

More Voter List Options:

1) Polling Samples - Acquire a carefully selected, statistically random polling sample 
2) Member Match - Match your membership list to any state voter file or even our national voter file.

eMerges is non-partisan and has specialized in providing registered voter files since its inception in 2000. Campaigns and institutions have come to rely on our professional and exclusive voter list data. Click below to learn more or to order:

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