Voter Lists Online for Download

Since the year 2000, eMerges has compiled voter records from every state. We compile the voter records directly from local election sources. We re-format the voter data to make it easier to use and we super-charge the voter file with valuable enhancement like phone numbers, education level, race, and income, etc. We maintain voter data freshness by updating it periodically based on election results and registration cut off dates as well as your particular needs. This ensures you get the newest registrants and voting history information—our Xtreme voters.

Our voter files are also a hybrid of rare data that is no longer publicly available as well as US Postal Service change of address and formatting enhancements. We have data measuring historical voter intensity that will help you allocate your voter contact resources most effectively. We can provide you with a freshly updated and customized voter list in one single and easy-to-use Excel format in just about an hour.

Our registered voter lists for permitted or non-restricted users may be customized to any budget and to any demographic imaginable, including the following:

  • voter phone numbers
  • housholding (for one phone or mailing per home)
  • home ownership and cost
  • income
  • race/ethnicity/language
  • voting history (eMerges exclusive "Xtreme Voters")
  • age range
  • party affiliation
  • gun owner and affiliations

We are non-partisan so you can rely on our professional and exclusive service. Call 410-353-6894 or email to see how we may assist your campaign.

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