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Voter Data NY State Unified Court System
"The New York State Unified Court System has been very satisfied with the registered voter list services purchased from eMerges ..."

—Anthony Manisero
New York State Unified Courts

eMerges has been selling registered voter lists to permitted users such as political campaigns, pollsters, political action committees, major universities and state court judicial systems since February of 2000. eMerges is non-partisan and specializes in registered voter files therefore campaigns and institutions have come to rely on our professional and exclusive voter list services.

eMerges super-charges your customized voter data with our exclusive rare Quantum enhancements. Enhancements are demographic subdivisions of energetic data such as phones, modeled race, income, education and home ownership. We ensure the freshness of your voter data by updating the registered voter lists as frequently as on a daily basis to capture early election results, registration cut off dates as well as your customized specific voter targeting preferences.

eMerges voter files are a hybrid of rare data that is no longer publicly available and our essential Quantum enhanced voter demographics which will ensure that your message is relevant to your target audience.

We will provide you with a freshly updated and customized voter list in one single and easy-to-use .csv (Excel) format in just about 15 minutes. If you use campaign reporting software, let eMerges provide you better voter lists and in an easy to import format.

eMerges can email your customized voter file, polling sample, district walking list or an easy to deploy phone report literally right after you get off the phone with any of our knowledgeable campaign consultants.

eMerges registered voter lists may be customized to any budget and custom designed for any type of permitted use, and include the eMerges exclusive Quantum Voter enhancements:

  • voter phone numbers
  • householding
  • modeled income
  • race education
  • voting history
  • party
  • date of birth and 120 more demographics

spacer Voter list data for LaPorte County Commissioners Campaign
"The eMerges voter list was a big help ..." November 2014
—Mike Bohacek
LaPorte County Commissioners

Call Shelly Noon at 410-205-5478 or email Shelly.Noon@eMerges.com to learn how you can acquire eMerges Quantum enhanced registered voter lists or our less expensive unenhanced raw voter files for your organization. Permitted or Unrestricted users only.

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